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This includes the following themes:

  • Existing Certificate of Title details.
  • Encumbrances and interests annotated on the title
    • Encumbrances – Easements
      • Right of way easements
      • Right to drain Stormwater, Water, and Wastewater easement.
      • Right to convey power, telecom, and additional utilities
    • Encumbrances – Encroachments
      • Building Line restrictions and marginal strips
    • Encumbrances – Covenants
      • protective, restrictive, fencing
    • Consent notices,
      • Stormwater Mitigation requirements, (Stormwater tanks)
      • Geotechnical recommendation for the lot
      • Minimum floor levels due to flooding or OLFP (Overland Flow Path)
      • Wastewater pumps requirements.
  • Interests
    • Leases
    • Adjoining landowner.

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