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Our expert title search service is the first step in ensuring your applications for Resource Consents, Engineering Approvals, and Building Consents are submitted without delays and with most current information about your  land

Our Title Search service is designed to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information on current property ownership. Whether you're a potential buyer, a real estate professional, or involved in legal matters, our service ensures you have the details you need for informed decision-making

Our Title Search service is an indispensable tool for home buyers, investors, and real estate professionals seeking comprehensive pre-purchase diligence. Gain detailed insights into property history, ownership, consent notices, and encumbrances to make informed decisions


Record of Title Current with Diagram

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Electronic property title record, showing current proprietor, legal description, registered rights and restrictions, eg mortgage, easement or covenant. Includes a plan or diagram of the land.


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Record of Title Guaranteed Search

As for a current record of title; also shows any documents recently lodged with LINZ but not yet formally registered, eg a newly created covenant. Generally requested by solicitors for property dealings.


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Record of Title Historical

Shows all interests registered when title created, and since. May include scan of paper copy of Certificate of Title.


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Instruments (Document)

Instrument references are recorded on the record of title they are registered against. For example consent notices, mortgages, easements, land covenants.


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What is included in a
Certificate of Title

Certificate of Title
  • - Certificate of Title reference number
  • - Current proprietor(s)
  • - Property size
  • - Legal description and area
  • - Registered rights and restrictions
  • - Consent notices
  • - Building line restrictions
  • - Plan or diagram of the land

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I've purchased a Certificate of Title with you guys last week and I've received far superior service than I was used to. I've received a Record of Title in record time (within 1 hour), containing the diagram and the relevant consent notices and easements for a Building consent application of 3 lots development in Auckland Northshore. It was accepted by the Council without any questions. I highly recommend these guys!

@Mitch Williams
Land Development Engineer

As a planner, I expect speed and quality and this is what I've gotten from My Resource Consent was quickly signed off and I've enjoyed the uncomplicated process to just get a certificate of title quickly. I will definitely be back for my next projects.

@Josh Rolston
Senior Planner

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