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Instrument references are recorded on the record of title they are registered against. On the instrument references, you can find the Interests, encumbrances, and restrictions annotated on the property.

An interest refers to any right, claim or privilege that an individual has in relation to a parcel of land. For example, the interests of a mortgage lender, a lessee, or adjoining

An encumbrance can be defined as: a right to, interest in, or legal liability on real property that does not prohibit passing title to the property but may diminish its value.
Examples of encumbrances include the following:

• Easements
• Encroachments (including Building Line restrictions and marginal strips)
• Covenants (protective, restrictive, fencing)

Most of the engineering obligations and conditions listed below are annotated on the instruments references section as consent notices.

  • Stormwater Mitigation requirements, (Stormwater tanks )
  • Geotechnical recommendation for the lot
  • Minimum floor levels due to flooding or OLFP (Overland Flow Path)
  • Wastewater pumps requirements
  • Easements for right to drain stormwater, water, wastewater, right of way , etc.